Step behind the scenes of one of SA’s top reality shows

“It’s a wrap!”

As we wrap up yet another successful season of Kokkedoor, the director says “cheers”, the crew starts rolling up the cables, the chefs head home to their families, and one big question remains unanswered:

What goes down on the Kokkedoor set during filming downtime?

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping onto a fully operation real life television set, this is your chance.

Homebrew Films are proud to invite you to party, play and cook in the incredible space where your favourite South African TV show, Kokkedoor, is filmed. Whether you’re looking for a space to host an event, throw a party or learn to become a self-made Kokkedoor under the tutelage of Anthony Mayer.

Fork It sets the backdrop against which you can bring your vision to life.

Meet Anthony

If baking, broiling, and grilling in the Kokkedoor kitchen are still on your bucket list, Fork It invites you to cook your heart out alongside Chef Anthony. Come learn some tips and tricks of the culinary world and hone your skills on a real working TV set.

Attend a Class

When the cameras aren’t rolling, the Fork It kitchen is where you’ll learn to cook an entire Sunday roast, bake a cake, choose the perfect cut of meat, and polish your culinary skills. We currently offer a range of classes designed for those who love to cook, those who want to learn & those who
just love food!

Host an Event

Set the scene for your next event at Fork It. Whether it’s a grand gala event, kids’ party, launch event or a cocktail do, we bet you never thought of hosting it at a television studio. It’s the “something WOW” that will turn your event into the talk of the town.